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A striking exuberance


The emotional impressions of Alex Bertaina are depicted in strong tensions without succumbing to the temptation of the detail, that allows his painting to separate the demarcations between real and abstract, and to create a shining style in all his movements.

He loves the warm tones that give the impression of an hug and lets himself be guided by the energy that transcends the processed material.

The harmonious rhythms recompose his bright and original palette, in a passionate research of an instinctive but controlled beauty ... rigorous but free, so to bring us to dream distant evasions.

rappresenta l'opera Village etrusque, in primo piano ci sono degli alberi carichi di frutti e sullo sfondo il borgo e le colline

Landscapes are free from any obvious presence, and patiently his canvases partially unveil their mystery.

He Lets the color come out in spontaneous leaps where the changing of the seasons makes us think of an appointment between Sun and Earth.

Landscapes acquire in energy what they lose in detail, inside real transformations due to the chromatic "choc" and to a striking exuberance.

And the viewer is sent back to a multitude of images that distort the canvases in bright emotions and in multiple vibrations.

 Interpreted by a lively spatula, or carved into a creamy paste, the magical element of his art, his paintings make us discover the generosity of the gesture on the border of abstraction, and a living space ... infinitely alive!

Bertaina is a topical painter, who dares surprising contrasts, but always with lightness, together with this beautiful material worked with pleasure and with enthusiasm, in complete freedom.
In total osmosis with his time, Alex Bertaina thrilles us because he helps us to populate the imaginary of our ambitions, to rediscover the original beauty of nature.

Anne Droit Giraud

Lyon (France)

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