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Kites or seagulls

In a summer bright sky, fantastic shapes move freely.
A clearcut division between sky and sea. Deep blue the sea, in contrast with a light blue sky.
The two elements appear deliberately distincted by the author.
Impossible not to gaze the explosive orange and, where five boats appear to mess up.
Is it the result of a shipwreck?
If you look at the purple tonalities on the boats, it gives a sense of wound.
It's an unmanned landscape.
Lines cut across the beach, the scenery is unreal, a dream where seagulls become kites, bringing back to childhood.

l'immagine raffigura la mia opera aquiloni o gabbiani che volano felici su una marina

But the boats remind the painter the pains of adulthood, full of symbolic vehicles, we think of a hidden desire of summer, a genuine happy summer when free from burden of life the painter could look up to the sky and imagine his kites in place of seaguls...

Antonella Michelon

Sarmeola (PD)

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