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Flying over Riomaggiore


Last night I made a discovery: a magnificent canvas, on which Alex Bertaina's spectacular brush strokes run after each other and where he seems to show his feelings through a poetic writing that suggests different levels of reading.

A world that can be identified through colors that are often lively and that not always are able to simplify the multiplicity of the evoked themes, in a scenario  where loneliness, dreams, nature and living environment seem to mingle in a jumble.

A confusion full of poetry and charm, which resembles the pages of a travel diary, full of images, impressions and emotions.

A cheerful and creative mood,  used by this artist  to describe  the light, the environments and the marine atmospheres.

A great Thank you


Jacqueline Remy


Cinque terre - En vol sur Riomaggiore 40
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