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With heart and with mind


From an objective scan of fascinating mountain, lagoon and rustic views, from alluring and sumptuous vineyards and defined theories of "interiors", Bertaina Alex is taking his painting towards more reflective and secluded horizons. The cottages, the silent "Langhe", the abounding fruit-bowls, that with their clear legibility have characterized the passionate gait of the young artist, are giving way in his recent work, to an intimate search of indefinite forms, of conformable color contrasts, of mysterious expressive forms.

Viaggio in Langa 70x58 2000

The attractive valley pages, the villages submerged by raging waters, the ruling leaves in the foreground lit by the red of autumn, that in many festivals scattered in different Italian regions, were lavish of awards for Bertaina, are now part a of his formative experience, lived intensely by the Piedmontes painter.

 Having behind the simple telling of his friend “nature” carried out with hardworking vitality, Alex Bertaina penetrates into the secret investigation of chromatic and formal scanning, in the essential vibration of memories and emotions.

Certainly not an easy path, with values that already present themselves, and others to discover. Compositions where the elements of "reality" seem to escape immediate meetings because of the overlapping diaphragms spaces, of sharp, sudden lights. Nostalgic and dreamt images that, in times of video installations, behaviors and more, find safe references in that "painting –painting” more and more rare among young "operators of art" but still lived, as for Bertaina, with heart and with mind.


Luciano Bertacchini

Bologna (Italy)

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