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Triomphe de l'automne à Megève

Nowadays, we rarely observe spatial sensations as spectators, and what's more interesting, a call to dissect a landscape.
In this case, with his work the author has identified the twilight glow and thanks to a good use of the space he enables us to get in touch with nature, fiction or not this does not bother us.

The important thing is the planning of the work. Brushstrokes of rural green, at times thicker recreate a valley.

Spatula marks that suggest very specific spaces and gradually let us discover a compact whole. The depicted houses capture our attention; a necessary point of view, but from my perspective, nature is integrated in its entirety to show an objective reality that leaves room to imagination.

Triomphe de l'automne à Megève  80x80 Oil on canvas 2014 Alex Bertaina

The color palette of this Autumn by Alex Bertaina is a twilight diluted with a lot of candor, in which we see the emphasis on the green tones as well as on the pink clouds.
We are facing an Autumn that enables the viewer to identify spaces and sensations.

"Triomphe de l'automne à Megève" evokes a perfect machine in which the artist moves with brushes, spatulas and paint.


Lola Herráez

Salamanca (Spagna)

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